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Who We Are

A young and dynamic company based in Puglia, Dimarmo is where designers and skilled artisans come together to harness stone working traditions. Using an innovative lightened marble technique under the artistic direction of Studio Sid&sign, Dimarmo offers a collection of seats, tables, and accessories with a strong and original personality. All pieces in the collection are one of a kind and made by hand, characterized by geometric and monolithic shapes that showcase the precious stone’s veins.


for the environment and respect for nature

We proudly carry out our production entirely in Puglia, reducing the environmental impact.

We pay great attention to the environment, optimizing the use of marble and reducing the waste of water through a closed recycling system that reduces its consumption and allows you to avoid putting it back in nature. In addition, most of the energy we use is produced by the sun.


We face challenges on a daily basis, trying to do things that others didn’t do.
Thanks to the best values of Italian know-how, we skillfully combine craftsmanship and cutting-edge techniques to obtain unique design products in the world.



Art director

Sissy Daniele
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